Wednesday, December 11, 2013

We are going to survive.

He speaks bravely
he looks boldly,
voice clear loud,
fingers trembling reveal
our shared vulnerability
when we speak our truth.

Here is how I heard him:

I want
you to imagine
I am your brother, your uncle, your son.
Would you want
me to be
if I need it in the future?

My fear
is what will happen
to me.


I don't want
to use this word
but I
think it is a torture

How am I
going to pay
when I am not allowed to work or to receive any money?

How does government think
we are going to survive.

This piece is a creative listening to a speech given by a friend and asylum seekers who spoke at Bristol Refugee Rights 10th December human rights day event about the proposed denial of health care to some asylum seekers, including himself.

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